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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mesa High Class of '88 20 year reunion

We had a great time at my 20 year high school reunion this weekend. It was well organized and well attended. It was great to see the people I see all the time and the people I haven’t seen in 20 years. I thought everyone looked great. I was voted “Least Changed Male,” which I assume means I am most immature of my classmates or that I should really lose my 1980s-Ronald Reagan-pompadour haircut. (Maybe one of those combed forward cuts like the kids on High School Musical.)

K.C. and Ben LeSueur - I've known him since we were 4.

Rex Williams and Aaron Evens.

Chris Kepler, Amy Weiss and the Lovelands.

Tao Nguyen and Michael Lee

Doreen and Rex

Christian Woolf

Doug Noble

Aaron Evens, Christian, Nate Skinner, Rex Williams, K.C. and Scott Urry in the back ground.

Aaron and Lori Higuera

Michelle Woolf and Mindy Evens

The Moores

The McKinleys and the Woolfs

Katina and Jay McKinley.

Kim Fletcher and Craig Loveland.

The DeLaMater-Smiths

Kim Krummenacher Huber

Tammy Earlywine and Talan Nelson

Denise Stumer Huffman, Marian Thurmond Kortsen, Mike Lee

The LeSueurs and the Skinners

Carl Crawford and Alice Nielson Dewitt

Chris Kepler Appleton and Kristi Hubler.

K.C. and Chris

Lots of very attractive people

Chrissy, Scott and K.C.

Wende Worthen Foster and K.C.

The Trophy Wives Club

K.C., Georgian (Geordy) Frey Samuelson and Scott Morris

K.C. and Dan Pierce

The House of Young Non Reptilians.


scrapmom4 said...

Thanks for sharing all your pictures, KC. We enjoyed visiting with you and your family. As for loading pictures fast, I bet Mindy Evans would know. I think she uses slideshows from Picasa. Maybe that's a quicker process. I've never had much luck with blogger being fast.

mistie said...

I'm so glad someone took pictures! It was so goed to see you and visit for a little bit! Definately, you are the least changed! We wouldn't recognize you if you change the hairdo!
Love ya,
Mistie (Davis) Rash

Anonymous said...

The picture with Chris Kepler Appleton: The name you are blanking on is Kristi Hubler.

KC and Michelle Woolf said...

Yes, it's Kristi. Thanks Anonymous! I fix now.