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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kid's Proclamation to the World

My sister Audrey called Michelle last week and asked her to help her write a Primary talk for my nephew Nicky. The topic was the The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Michelle went through each paragraph and summarized it so a kid would understand it and made it rhyme. I thought it was cute. (I know some will think that Michelle is indoctrinating gender roles here, but you can take that up with her.)


The prophet says, between men and women, that marriage is ordained of God.
What does it mean to be "ordained"?, that He's in charge and that's His law!

The family is His favorite part, each has a roll to play.
Men and women, boys and girls are different in that way.

We lived with God before we came, to Earth to get a body,
And we can live with Him again, if we repent and don't be naughty.

The temples are a gift from God that tie our family together,
So even when our bodies die, our spirits are close forever.

We've been blessed with moms and dads, who guide with light and knowledge.
I'll be a married parent too, (after a mission and after college).

When your room is really messy, or when you've been kind of bad
When you just won't eat your broccoli and mom's starting to get mad
When you push buttons on the DVD, or killed a houseplant with your sword..
Remind her you're a "heritage", given to her by the Lord.

Moms are made to nurture and love, the heart of a rightous family,
While dads are there to provide and protect, and also to make the money.

If we follow the commandments, read the scriptures and we pray
The Lord has promised happiness through all our earthly days.

But in the end, when you go to heaven, the most important thing
Is not your house, your money or toys, it's the family that you bring.

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Jessie Brown said...

I love that. It is so clever. I'm going to have one of my kids read this for their talk the next time it's their turn.