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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Costa Rica, February 2012

We took a family vacation to the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica Earlier this month. My mother came and stayed with us for 4 days. We flew into San Jose and stayed the first night there. We found the San Jose Temple the next day. Then we drove to Playa Chiquita, Limon, Costa Rica, which is just a few miles south of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast. We stayed rented house called Casa Las Brisas. It was up in the canopy of the rain forest. Michelle and I slept in a loft bedroom which was open all the way around. It had an open air bathroom, so you could bath and poop while enjoying nature. We went to church at a branch up in Limon and met some very nice people and missionaries. We went to the Jaguar rescue center Monday where we saw lots of native animals. Dane, Grandma and I had monkeys crawl all over us there. We then went to a Bribri Indian woman's house where she and her family showed us how they prepare chocolate. We then hiked to a waterfall. (My waterproof camera broke, so I don't have pictures of this.) Tuesday we took a boat tour of Tortugero and saw lots of birds, monkeys, sloths and crocodiles. Wednesday Michelle and I went snorkeling in Cahuita National Park. We had a good time until we saw a nurse shark and Michelle swam as fast as she could back to the boat. A guide then took us on a hike through the park where we saw monkeys, eyelash vipers, several species of birds, and some more sloths. Thursday we took the kids back to Cahuita to go to the beach there. Friday we went to the Sloth Sanctuary, where they teach you about sloths, and also take you on a jungle river canoe ride. Saturday we went to a Cocoa plantation and factory and learned more about how they make chocolate. Then we spent the rest of the day down at Playa Chiquita, just swimming, snorkeling and playing in the Sand (probably the nicest beach I've ever been on). Sunday we went to church again in Limon and then drove back to San Jose. Monday Morning we drove home.

I'll post some pictures now, and videos if I can figure out how. I'll try to get some links and GPS coordinates on here eventually. (GPS coordinates would have been very helpful while we were there, since Costa Rica doesn't have street names or addresses.)


Emily said...

I think it is pretty fantastic that your kids have already had so many great life experiences in their few short years.

KC and Michelle Woolf said...

Yeah, they don't deserve it or appreciate it. But Michelle won't go anywhere without them, so what are ya gonna do.