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Saturday, April 26, 2008

17 Weeks to Run My Butt Off

Someone asked me to post a sample menu of what I eat. I'm fortunate to have KC close by to run my nutrition ideas past, and feel my food intake is right on track.
Like I said earlier, I eat 1,250 calories a day (5 smallish meals) spaced three hours apart. This has proven most efficiant for me, as I never feel hungry.

8:30 Slimfast (200 calories) w/ 8oz skim milk AND 4oz water. I just love this stuff!
But if I'm trying to build muscle I drink Muscle Milk w/ 1/2 banana (250 cal).

Crystal Lite or water

9:30 Water and salt, GO RUNNING!!, then drink about 10 oz more of water.

12:00 Lean Cusine (I never buy ones over 290 calories)
or white egg omlet with olives, onions, spinich, and Chalula sauce.
That stuff's goooood!

Crystal Lite or water

3:00 Either a protein bar (Zone or Pure Protein) 200 cal.,
or yogurt (NOT light or fat free)
or tomato soup with hot pepper sauce in it and some cheese on toast.

Crystal Lite or water

6:00 Chicken (200 cal.) a salad with beets and olives and fresh fruit,
or whatever I make KC except I only eat 250-290 calories of it.
(I have a book that helps with that, and I weigh everything).

9:00 2 mini York Peppermint Patties, or some Steven's cocoa.

This was the warmest week yet, although my arms were numb one of the days. I like to run past newly mowed lawns and other joggers and bikers. Can't wait until summer when I can go in shorts. I did good this week, and seem to be getting steadily faster with my runs. Weight continues to drop and I maintain 1,250 caloires, saving calories at night to have 2 mini- peppermint patties. I feel great and am currently looking for a hot (modest, but hot) dress to wear on our cruise next year. I look forward to buying it in a small size.

Starting ~ 163.5 lbs, 42% body fat

Week 1 ~ 161.0 lbs, 41% body fat, 2.5 lbs lost, 6.37 miles, ave minutes per mile 13:33, best minutes per mile 11:43

Weeks 2 & 3 ~ 159.5 lbs, 41% body fat, 1.5 lbs lost, 4.12 miles, ave mpm 13:31, best mpm 11:14 Also kayaked and swam.. not as effective.

Week 4 ~ 157 lbs, 40% body fat, 2.5 lbs lost, 9.98 miles, ave mpm 13:02, best mpm 11:21

Week 5 ~ 155 lbs, 40% body fat, 2 lbs lost, 18.31 miles, ave mpm 12:50, best mpm 10:32

Week 6 ~ 154 lbs, 39% body fat, 1 lb lost, 13.5 miles, ave mpm 12:31, best mpm 10:27

Week 7 ~ 151 lbs, 39% body fat, 3 lbs lost, 17.91 miles, ave mpm 12:07, best mpm 10:20

Overall Totals ~ 12.5 lbs lost, 3% body fat lost, 70.19 miles run

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The Lillians said...

Michelle I love the updates! Also, nice work with the tables to show progress. There is something about visually being able to see it. I wish I was running with you. I just keep getting fatter. I know it's healthy for the baby, but it is still hard. I have already gained 11 pounds....blah! Keep up the good work. I plan on being in good shape again by early next year, in time for some tropical vacation!