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Sunday, April 27, 2008

DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography

I would like to suggest the DVD by Rod Meldrum called “DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography” to anyone who has been irritated by claims that DNA has proven the Book of Mormon to be false. It appears that anti-Mormons, in their zeal to believe and proliferate anything that sheds doubt on the Book of Mormon or the Church, have once again jumped the gun. And once again the claims of those who attack the Book of Mormon, when more closely scrutinized, actually make its veracity more plausible than ever.

I began watching this video with scepticism, and when Brother Meldrum took a few pot shots at evolution at the beginning of the presentation I became even more skeptical. However, much of the rest of his information he presents is almost irrefutable. Most exciting is the inexplicable discovery of European/Middle Eastern mitochondrial DNA in groups of North American Indians.

I warn you that this video may change the way you think about Book of Mormon geography. (Of course this had to come out after I had spent thousands of dollars traveling to the Yukatan looking for Nephi's house.) It is yet another reminder that we should not hang our testimonies of the Book of Mormon on any archeological, geographical, or scientific “discoveries,” as our knowledge from these sources is constantly changing and progressing. (And I don't plan on hanging my testimony on this video either.)

The video is about 4 hours long (compared to the 45 minute anti-Mormon video “DNA vs. the Book of Mormon) and costs $19.95. I just purchased 10 of them which should be coming in the mail any time. If any of you are from the Legacy Park Ward or live here locally in Utah and don’t want to buy it yourself, I will be happy to loan out these copies to anyone who wants to watch it.


Richie & Loretta said...

Thanks K.C. We would love to watch one of your 10 copies when you get them in the mail:)

KC and Michelle Woolf said...

I just got the videos in the mail today. I'll bring a copy over.