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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

17 Weeks to Run My Butt Off - week 8

Week 8 was the week my mom flew in from Georgia and my grandma drove up from Washington.  Needless to say, we ate out a lot.. and I cooked some big meals to feed lots of people.  It made it difficult to count calories and my weight didn't budge because of it.  I still did all my runs, and ran my fastest 5 mile yet, (with my brother David.. he's faster than me and helped me a lot).  But, as KC tells me, counting calories makes the weight come down and running maintains it.  Well, it maintained.  That sucks because this would have been my week getting down into the 140's.  I'm not unfocused though.  I'm watching every calorie and hoping to make up for lost ground this week.  The runs are more enjoyable now that I can smell flowers outside.  I've also been chased by 3 little, white yappy-dogs that I would like to pound into dog food.  I also noticed that my average miles per minute are now faster than my starting week's fastest pace.  That means little sprints I managed to crank out back then are now slower than my average pace!  Awsome!   Anyway, this week may have not been my greatest, but I'm back into the groove of things and ready to dazzle you all next week. 

Starting ~  163.5 lbs, 42% body fat

Week 1 ~ 161.0 lbs, 41% body fat, 2.5 lbs lost, 6.37 miles, ave minutes per mile 13:33, best minutes per mile 11:43

Weeks 2 & 3 ~ 159.5 lbs, 41% body fat, 1.5 lbs lost, 4.12 miles, ave mpm 13:31, best mpm 11:14    Also kayaked and swam.. not as effective.

Week 4  ~  157 lbs, 40% body fat, 2.5 lbs lost, 9.98 miles, ave mpm 13:02, best mpm 11:21

Week 5155 lbs, 40% body fat, 2 lbs lost, 18.31 miles, ave mpm 12:50,  best mpm 10:32

Week 6154 lbs, 39% body fat, 1 lb lost, 13.5 miles, ave mpm 12:31,      best mpm 10:27

Week 7 ~ 151 lbs, 39% body fat, 3 lbs lost, 17.91 miles, ave mpm 12:07,    best mpm 10:20

Week 8 ~ 151 lbs, 39% body fat, 0 lbs lost, 18.20 miles, ave mpm 11:36,   best mpm 9:30

Overall Totals ~ 12.5 lbs lost, 3% body fat lost, 88.39 miles run

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Hey Michelle,
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talk to you later