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Friday, June 27, 2008

Aspen Grove

We spent last weekend down at Aspen Grove Family Camp with a group of our old Mesa friends. Wednesday I went back down to go mountain biking at Sundance with them. Here are some pictures.

Mindy Evens - Photographer

Aaron Evens and Me

Paint Balling

Do you think I would have been injured if it was a bullet?

Craig Loveland and Jay McKinley

Michelle and Marshal Coleman

Me and Christian Woolf

Mosh and Me. I like his shirt. "Old School Conservative-1980"

Marc Moore's battle wounds. I fell more times than he did but he seems to have gotten more damage.

Craig Loveland and Me

Left to right: Marshal Coleman, oldest Coleman girl (someone help me out here), Michelle Coleman, Holly Loveland, Craig Loveland (back row), K.C. Woolf, Jay MacKinley (back row), Christian Woolf, Marc Moore, Kyle Thorton.

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