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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Barack Obama Poster Child

My best friend's wife is divorcing him because he doesn't make enough money. That's her story anyway, and I'm sure her new boyfriend has nothing to do with it. These are tough economic times, and people are struggling everywhere. Luckily, most families are pulling together, and "living on love" like the Waltons. Unfortunately for my friend, he married someone who doesn't take the "for richer or poorer" part of her wedding vows seriously. She hasn't held a paying job herself in over 15 years; and although all her children are in school now, and she could easily help out by at least getting a part time job, the work she is qualified for is beneath her dignity. "I'm not getting a job as a waitress or something," she told him, appalled at the very suggestion. (Cue the Offspring song.) Instead, she thought it would be a great time to borrow $10,000 a year and go back to school to get a bachelors degree in political science. Apparently she aspires to be an educated waitress. Meanwhile, my friend continued to wake up at 5:00 every morning and work 10 hours a day at the only job he could find; his wife constantly nagging and humiliating him, calling him a loser, a failure and worse, and finally kicking him out of the house this summer for "refusing" to get a better job. (Did I mention she had a boyfriend this whole time.)

With this recent behavior in mind, I was surprised when I saw her complaining on Facebook about certain Democratic legislation. "Anything to stop Obamacare," she wrote. I couldn't resist pointing out the irony. "'Anything to stop Obamacare'? You are a Barack Obama poster child. You earn no money, spend money you don't have, feel entitled to other people's money, and legally loot it without shame. I'm surprised they haven't made you 'czar' of something by now."

I'm not sure what point I'm trying to make here. Maybe it's that when individuals demand what they don't deserve we lose all respect for them, but when the government does the same thing we call it being "progressive". That, or maybe I just wanted to complain about what a sadistic, selfish, hypocrite my friend's wife is. Either way, I hope Obamacare fails and I hope my buddy's wife gets salmonella and poops her pants.


egm said...

So what did she say after you left that comment on facebook?

KC and Michelle Woolf said...

Nothing. I don't know if she ever saw it. It made me feel better writing it though.

KC and Michelle Woolf said...

Not that I don't think many, if not most, divorced women deserve some of their ex-husband's money. I told Michelle that if we ever have to split things up, she can have the house the cars, all the furniture, and all of my money and all I want are her and the kids. But divorcing
someone because he doesn't make enough money and then forcing him to split what little money he has between 2 households is as bad as taxing companies out of business and then complaining about unemployment.

Mike said...

I haven't read anything in 6 months that makes as much sense as your blog. A++

Kyle's bud, Mike

KC and Michelle Woolf said...

Texts sent to my best friend from his wife today. (The divorce isn't final yet):

"My last two dates drove BMWs. I can't wait until I'm completely rid of you."

"And I've been writing a very nice guy who's a fighter pilot, a lieutenant commander in the navy. Very nice LDS men. I'm very lucky."

He told me he wrote her back saying, "If they were 'very nice LDS men' they wouldn't be interested in dating a woman who was still married. But good luck with the gold digging."