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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Negril, Jamaica - February 2010

Michelle and I spent the last week in Negril, Jamaica. Besides losing our luggage for 24 hours, it was a wonderful trip. We stayed at the Rockhouse Hotel, and after seeing the other resorts and hotels in the area, we would never want to stay anywhere else. We ate at the Rockhouse Restaurant, 3 Dives Jerk Restaurant, Cosmos, Chicken Lavish, and The Hungry Lion, and we never had a bad meal. We snorkled one the reef right off the cliffs of our villa and we hired Famous Vincent to take us further out on the coral reef. We loved the River Walk Tour of Mayfield Falls - more of a swim than a hike. I gained 2 pounds and Michelle lost 2 pounds; go figure. We were glad to get back home to Whitney and Dane, and they seemed happy to see us too, and to get their presents. (Don't miss the short video at the end.) Sunset on Seven Mile Beach. Inside our villa. Our snorkling guide, Famous Vincent The Jelly Fish that stung our neighbor. You can get a big house for cheap in Jamaica. This one cost about 100 grand. I don't know how much the guard dogs cost. One of these houses dates back to Spanish Colonial times. The Mormon Church under construction. We were a little early and a little under dressed for services. Sugar Mill I tried to teach this Rastafarian about the Word of Wisdom, but it's hard to communicate when you're holding your breath. The highlight of our trip was a guided hike (and swim) to Mayfield Falls. I highly recommend River Walk Tours if you're ever on the west side of Jamaica. Coco plant. Mmmmm...Chocolate The open air shower in our villa, so you can talk to your neighbors while you wash. Had some good jerk chicken and curried goat at 3 Dives You'll want to pause the music on playlist above if you want to hear the videos.

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