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Friday, May 14, 2010

Grave Sites of Anthony (Peter Anton) Woolf and Phebe Weeks Woolf

We visited the grave sites of my ancestors, Anthony Woolf and Phebe Weeks Woolf, on our vacation to New York earlier this month. I'm posting this so others can find their graves more easily.

Anthony (Peter Anton) Woolf's grave is in Yonkers, about a half hour drive from Manhattan. He is burried in the St. John's Cemetary, which is really just a section of the Oakland Cemetary. The Address is 2 Sawmill River Rd., Yonkers, NY, 10701-6614. The GPS coordinates are: N 40 degrees 56.472, W 0.73 degrees 52.945. I recommend finding the St. John's part of the cemetery first - marked on the street by an old covered gate. (Here's a link with a picture of the gate. Here's another link that give a little information about Anthony and Phebe Woolf and their son John Anthony Woolf.

Phebe Weeks Woolf was reburried at the Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, New York. The GPS coordinates are: N 41 degrees 04.582, W 0.73 degrees 47.500.

Valhalla is only about 5 minutes from Sleepy Hollow, the place where Washington Irving set his Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and you can see the bridge where the Headless Horseman is said to have chased Ichabod Crane.

I recommend watching the video below to better orient yourself. As always, you'll want to pause the "playlist" music on the right side of the blog so you can hear the video.


Deserea and Aaron Woolf said...

Great job K.C.! Seeing your kids walk around the sight reminded me of when my parents took us there during the summer of 1996.

Belinda Madsen said...

Hi, I'm a stranger, but obvioulsy a relative. My grandmother was a Woolf and I think it is so cool that you visited these graves. That is something I would love to see. I was searching for ancestor photos. What line are you through?

KC and Michelle Woolf said...

I am Kurtis Woolf, son of Mac Woolf, son of Wilbur Woolf, son of Golden Woolf, son of Martin Woolf, son of Absolom Woolf, son John Anthony Woolf, son of Anthony (Peter Anton) Woolf.

Thanks for commenting, Balinda. I hope you get to make it back to New York some day. It was a fun trip.