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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here's how you fight "homophobia" with "Mormophobia".

(I had to break my promise for no more political posts after I saw this commercial)

Here's how you fight "homophobia" with "Mormophobia".

I thought it was interesting who the opponents of Prop 8 chose as their evil villains. With so many different groups supporting Prop 8 they could have just as easily shown a couple of nuns, some Hasidic Jews, or stereo-typical evangelicals with big hair barging into the house. Even better, since African-Americans overwhelmingly (70%) supported Prop 8, they could have shown a couple of black men breaking into the white women’s house. (I think that commercial got George Wallace elected governor or Alabama, didn't it?) So why the Mormons? Simply put, Mormons make up less than 2% of California’s population (no big voting block lost)and lots of people hate them. They wanted to exploit that. It’s nice to know where the tolerance ends.

(You'll have to enlarge this to get the joke.)


The Foster Family said...

KC- did that really air in Cali? That is pretty cruel! I appreciate all your takes on everything- glad your on my side!

KC and Michelle Woolf said...

By the way, I'm not sure where they get their "$20 million" figure that Mormons gave for Prop 8, or the "40-70% of finacial support came from Mormons" quote I keep hearing. I gave a few bucks to both Prop 8 and Prop 202 online, and they didn't ask for information about my religion. Maybe they've put chips in Mormon's computors so they can know where we're donating money. More likely, it's either just a number they pulled out of the air, or they assume everyone who gave money from Utah, Idaho, Orange County, Mesa or Gilber are "those damn Mormons."

Ironically, it was probably Brother Steve Young's large contribution AGAINST Prop 8 that paid for the above ad.

KC and Michelle Woolf said...

BTW - Protesters, mad about Prop 8, stopped traffic in Westwood Ca. outside the LA temple yesterday, some trying to climb the fence and shouting ugly anti-Mormon slogans. Since it was high African-American turn out that really made Prop 8 pass, I wonder if they are going to protest in South Central LA or Oakland next. I dare ya.