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Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Case You Still Thought Opposition to Prop 8 Was All About Tolerance

How tolerant are Prop 8 opponents when it comes to Mormons? Meridian Article. Make sure you read all the “peaceful” signs in the photos in this article - “Protect My Marriage - Ban Mormons”, “Mormon Scum”, “Go Back to Utah”. Can you feel the love? If you have ever wondered what exactly they were yelling at Lehi from the Great and Spacious Building, now you know.

I don’t expect this to get any better. I suppose it's good they targeted us. After all, Mormons are used to this kind of hate directed toward them. We have to walk through worse twice a year to get to conference. Elder Hale must have known this was coming when he gave his conference talk Christian Courage: The Price of Discipleship in October. I’m still surprised how blatantly hypocritical these particular proponents of gay marriage were - preventing people from worshiping at the LA temple and beating the sisters to the ground who tried to remove the hateful signs from the temple wall.

I am reminded of when pundit Lawrence O’Donnell (he’s not a Mormon, but he plays one on TV) suggested last year that Mitt Romney was unfit to be president because of his Mormonism and called Joseph Smith "a madman, a criminal and a rapist". When asked by Hugh Hewitt if he would say the same things about the prophet Mohamad O’Donnel responded:

O'DONNELL: Oh, well, I’m afraid of what the…that’s where I’m really afraid. I would like to criticize Islam much more than I do publicly, but I’m afraid for my life if I do.
HEWITT: Well, that’s candid.
O'DONNELL: Mormons are the nicest people in the world. They’re not going to ever…
HEWITT: So you can be bigoted towards Mormons, because they’ll just send you a strudel.
O'DONNELL: They’ll never take a shot at me. Those other people, I’m not going to say a word about them.
HEWITT: They’ll send you a strudel. The Mormons will bake you a cake and be nice to you.
O'DONNELL: I agree.

So how should we respond to the anti-Mormon hatred most recently spewed in the name of “tolerance and diversity”? I know it makes us an easy target, but I suggest we continue to send strudel.

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