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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wilbur C. Woolf - 1918-2008

My grandfather Wilbur C. Woolf passed away quietly yesterday, surrounded by his family. I could write pages about all the lessons my grandpa taught me during my life. But the greatest lesson he gave me was the example of his life. I can’t think of anyone I would rather emulate. He was one of the only men I have ever know who was completely without guile or enemies. Even in his death he was an example of dignity and graciousness. I am so glad that my family and I were able to go down to Arizona to see him last week. He was in such good spirits and was so cheered by watching Whitney and Dane play around his house. Although I'll miss you Grandpa, I'm thankful for the knowledge that you are with Grandma and for the hope of seeing you again someday.

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Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

Hi K.C. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm Jonathan Earl (one of your 2nd cousins - Grant and Aenone's grandson). I've been hearing the last couple weeks about your Grandpa's condition, and it sounds as though he spent his last days the way he's lived his entire life with a wonderful sense of humor, a positive outlook, and incredible faith. I have loved the moments I have been able to spend around the Woolfs, and have always loved your grandparents. Our prayers and thoughts are with your whole family because of this temporary separation and we know that your Grandpa is with his wife, parents, brother, and many others he came to know through a life long effort of geneaology.

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